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Lil' X-Factor Academy (start date 5/1) Ages: 2nd grade - 5th grade

This is for the young athlete looking to explore the game of football. Learn the basics of how to throw, catch and run with a football. This is not a position specific class
Schedule: Offered every other month. Mondays &Wednesdays 5-6 pm
1x per week $150 per month
2 x per week $275 per month
X-Factor QB Academy (Program start date: 4/21. Evaluations can start being scheduled 4/8.)
Ages: 1st Grade & Up
We offer 3 different levels of group QB training:
Beginner, Middle School and High School.
Coach Morelli's program focuses on developing the overall Quarterback. His program consists of:
• Footwork drills
• 3, 5 and 7 step drops • Ball security
• Coverage Recognition
• Proper throwing mechanics
• Shotgun footwork
• Chalk talk
• Leadership
• Mental preparation
**Each QB has to schedule a private evaluation before group placement.
Beginner: Sundays 12pm, Thursdays 5pm
Middle School: Tuesdays & Thursdays 6pm
High School: Sundays 2pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays 7pm
1x per week $250 per month 2 × per week $395 per month 3x per week $475 per month
X-Factor RB Academy (Program start date: 4/21. Evaluations will be scheduled 4/8 - 4/18 and are half-priced during this period)
X-Factor WR Support: Start date: April 21st Ages: 4th grade and older+
This is for the WR that would like to come to any and all QB groups to work on his routes, timing, footwork and hands.
Schedule: Check the QB group schedule based on age.
Pricing: Unlimited groups $65 monthly
X-Factor QB Evaluations: Evaluations are being scheduled from 4/8-4/18 and are half-priced at $50
This a mandatory evaluation to be placed into group QB training. The evaluation allows the coach to evaluate the QBs throwing motion, mechanics, drops, footwork, chalk talk and just overall knowledge of the QB position. It also allows time
to discuss goals.
Pricing: $100 (Half-priced at $50 between 4/8-4/18)
Please email Coach Young for available days and times at
Speed & Agility: Start Date: April 22nd. speed and agility training for the football athlete. Ages: 4th grade and older +
Offering two different levels:
Beginner (4th-7th grade)
Advanced (8th grade and older+)
Monday: Beginner 5-6 pm +Advanced 6-7 pm Wednesday: Beginner 5-6 pm +Advanced 6-7 pm
1x per week $99 per month
2 x per week $150 per month
Combo Unlimited Training Package:
Skill specific training +film study +speed = $550 per month